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Why I Chose the Glock 34 MOS and Leupold DeltaPoint Pro

By Ashton

I kept hearing all this hype about putting a red dot on a pistol and didn’t really consider it until Glock started releasing their MOS pistols. The ability to purchase a factory pistol with the cuts already in the slide removed the obstacle that was preventing me from getting a pistol/red dot combination. Other budgets may allow it, but I couldn’t bring myself to purchase a pistol and then spend the additional funds needed to have it sent off for custom milling – even though it’s a setup I always thought would be great.

My boss here at StealthGearUSA just bought the new Glock 45 and it just so happened that Glock also released the Glock 34 Gen5 MOS around the same time. So, with peer pressure was at an all-time high in the office to make another handgun purchase and the release of something I’ve always thought would be great – I headed down to Gunnies in Orem, Utah. (I convinced our Marketing Coordinator to come with for moral support. Little did she know she would be walking out with a new firearm as well. I’ll let her tell you all about her new Glock 19X.)

You can always count on Gunnies to have a great selection and they had the Glock 34 Gen5 MOS in their case, waiting for me. After I purchased the pistol, I realized I hadn’t actually decided which RMR I wanted. Choices were a plenty. I narrowed it down to the Trijicon RMR ($560), the Leupold Deltapoint Pro ($400), and the Vortex Venom ($250). Trijicon is always pricey but they make a premium product. Their RMR was built for heavy abuse and it was about the same size as the Leupold but, the sight picture was a little smaller on the Trijicon.  I liked the button locations of the Trijicon, large and easy to access. The DeltaPoint Pro only has one button which makes adjusting brightness of the laser a hassle. You have to first go up by pressing the single button and then when at the brightest setting it eases its way down to a dimmer mode as you click the button multiple times. The Vortex was very small with a small view window. Being compact has its own benefits, but since I wasn’t looking to conceal my newly purchased Gen 5 Glock 34 MOS, I wanted the larger glass. In the end, it came down to price between the Trijicon and Leupold. I have always run Leupold for my rifle scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, and my Range Finder so I decided to stick with them and went with the DeltaPoint Pro. It was priced in the middle and it’s a great optic. The battery door is easily accessible, and – best of all – it is motion activated.

After leaving the gun shop $1,200 lighter on my lunch break I had to come back to StealthGearUSA in American Fork Utah to continue the best job in the world as the Sales & Marketing Manager. Since I work for a holster manufacturing company, I felt it was necessary to mount the optic during work and see the complete package riding in one of our Ventcore® OWB Flex Holsters in FDE. It was a thing of beauty and a perfect fit as usual. Now I need to find a time to take this Glock 34 out to the range! Stay tuned to see how I like my new rig.


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