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Ventcore® Voted #1 Holster by Women – Three Years in a Row

Every year since 2015, at the firearm industry’s largest annual trade show and exhibition, over ten thousand women voters have awarded StealthGearUSA’s holsters with “The Best Guns and Gear” award for our Ventcore® family of holsters for their supreme comfort, versatility, and ease of concealment.

From all walks of life and across all kinds of occupations, women have sung the praises of our Ventcore holsters for how well they conform to every body type.

April J. recently wrote in and had this to say about our Ventcore holster for her Walther PPS M2:

“I am a curvy woman and have NEVER been able to wear my pistol (no matter the size) inside-the-waistband on my hip. It would be very uncomfortable and protrude out, stopping me from wearing anything tight fitting. I was bound to carrying on the small of my back, which I didn’t prefer. It was uncomfortable and caused slower draw speed. I reluctantly purchased an IWB for my right hip and can I just tell you how amazing it is! I can carry any size pistol, wear a cute top, and you would never know I have it on. Not to mention it is so comfortable, I forget I have it on! Thank you for the time and effort your company devotes to making this quality holster. I will never shop anywhere else for my concealment needs. Looking forward to purchasing more accessories soon!”

One of our favorite blogs, Style Me Tactical, is run by a young woman who, one day, tagged us on one of her Instagram posts that showed her outfit that included one of our holsters. In her search for a functional holster that concealed well, she had come across our Ventcore holsters and decided to give one a try. Our holsters are now frequently featured in her posts that show how she manages to dress stylishly while concealing her firearm with our holsters.

(Style Me Tactical with Ventcore AIWB+ for the Glock 43)

(Style Me Tactical with Ventcore IWB Mini for the Glock 43)

They say carrying a firearm should be comforting, not comfortable. We respectfully disagree. And with over ten thousand women for the past three years at the firearm industry’s largest annual trade show, on blogs, and in social media declaring our holsters as the most comfortable, breathable, and concealable holsters on the market today – we think we’re on to something.


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