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The SG-Scorpion+ has Landed

We launched the SG-Scorpion™ yesterday for nine of the most popular firearms that are carried in the appendix position. You all had to know that the SG-Scorpion+ models wouldn’t be that far behind! Well, here they are. SG-Scorpions with an integral claw and built-in mag carrier, now available to order for the same nine launch models. We will continue to add more models to the catalog in the coming weeks so if you’re not seeing a model for your firearm, stay tuned! Here are links to the nine models that are available to order right now:

SG-Scorpion+ Glock 43

SG-Scorpion+ S&W Shield

SG-Scorpion+ Glock 26

SG-Scorpion+ Glock 19

SG-Scorpion+ Glock 17

SG-Scorpion+ Sig Sauer P938

SG-Scorpion+ Sig Sauer P320 Compact

SG-Scorpion+ Springfield Armory XDS 3.3″ 9mm/.40

SG-Scorpion+ Walther PPS M2

The SG-Scorpion+ appendix holster brings to the concealed carry market more innovation with an integral claw and built-in mag carrier. Check it out:

One of our primary design philosophies is that a holster should be specifically designed around the firearm it is meant to carry. One holster, one firearm. We kept to this philosophy with the creation of the SG-Scorpion.

We looked around the market and saw a variety of appendix holster claws that were somewhat serviceable but generic in sizing and placement. We wanted to deliver enhanced concealment via a claw with precision and determined the best way to do this was to make the SG-Scorpion+ claw an integral part of the design of the holster.

Every SG-Scorpion+ shell has been designed and custom-molded to minimize printing for each firearm model it is carrying. Claw placement has been fine-tuned for each model to ensure a perfect combat grip on every draw. When you purchase an SG-Scorpion+ you are receiving the best claw design on the market today for the firearm you carry with the additional benefit of being able to carry a spare magazine.

To further enhance balance and stability, the SG-Scorpion+ is outfitted with a single wide clip centered on the shell and in line with its claw. Mounted on our patented Ventcore® platform technology, the end result is excellent concealment in a complete holster design where all its individual parts work together to give you a comfortable, concealable everyday carry solution while carrying in the appendix position.


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  1. Steve Forster 29 August, 2017 at 05:09 Reply

    Are you going to make the SG-Scorpion for the CZ P10C? I already have a Revolution holster for my Shield and love it. Thanks.

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