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The 17 Most Innovative Firearms – Ever.

The constant need to innovate is what drives us here at StealthGearUSA. We started this company with our invention of Ventcore® – a patented technology that incorporates breathability, ergonomically padded cells, and high-performance mesh that wicks moisture away. It changed the holster market in 2012 and continues to lead the market as the gold standard for comfort while carrying concealed. We’ve made slight changes and improvements along the way to ensure that we are always offering the most innovative holster on the market.

Part of innovating for the future is looking back through history to see what trailblazers of past eras accomplished in the name of progression.

Today we’re sharing an article we came across that outlines 17 of the most innovative firearms that changed the landscape of firearm technology. Some of them may seem quaint to our modern sensibilities – but for their time – they were state-of-the-art and helped us get us to where we are today.

From the hand cannon to the M16, with the Gatling gun and Colt 1911 in between, the advent of these firearms altered battlefield tactics in dramatic fashion. 

Read the full article here then let us know in the comments your thoughts on this list and which firearm you think should have made the list!


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