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[New] Stars & Stripes Colorway and More

We’ve added three new color options to our holster catalog. Now available to order are a “Stars and Stripes” pattern, a “Desert Camo”, and a “Digital Camo”. We really like how all three of these turned out and we appreciate the feedback we received from the surveys we ran on Instagram! We hope y’all like them as much as we do.

These new colorways are available to order on all Ventcore® holster models and through our SG-Liberty™ program which offers SG-Revolution™ Build Kits and Shell Replacements. Follow the links below to shop.

All Ventcore Holsters

SG-Revolution Build Kits

Shell Replacements

(Ventcore AIWB+ in Desert Camo for a CZ P-10 C)

(Ventcore IWB Mini in Digital Camo for a H&K P30SK)



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