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StealthGearUSA Announces Breakthrough Pricing in New Strategic Initiative

Utah-based StealthGearUSA announces a major pricing, personnel, and new products initiative designed to bring the company to an entirely new level in the concealed-carry industry, according to Paul Laemmlen, Chairman and Founder. “Effective immediately we are initiating an entirely new pricing structure for our products. Without compromising quality, all of our tens of thousands of existing customers in the StealthGear family, as well as many new customers, will now have daily price savings in the range of 30%-40% lower than current prices.” This breakthrough pricing is now active on the SGUSA website at

Over the past twenty-four months, CEO Randy Ataide led an internal team of company managers supplemented by operational, technological, financial, and marketing experts to systematically examine each and every component of StealthGear’s performance and numerous changes are now in place. Much of this activity focused on bringing key services and functions inside the company, most notably an entirely new Information Systems and Data Analytics team. Ataide noted, “We identified that to better serve our customers and clients, it was essential to enhance our data-driven approach across all departments. Our mission is to reach the entire audience that is searching for, and can benefit from, our products.”

A series of achieved benchmarks within each department at the company led them to quietly commence a restructuring plan within the company to position itself for the future. Simultaneously the company began to invest heavily in new production technology, systems, and processes that significantly enhanced output and productivity. “Over a period of many months we were able to better analyze all costs and increase our output. This led us to the conclusion, validated through several 2018 sales and promotions, that we could pass on great savings to our customers without taking any shortcuts, changing materials, or cutting corners”, added Laemmlen.

2019 will not only see new product pricing for SGUSA, there are several new products soon coming to market for the company. General Manager Justin Wong said, “We are excited for 2019. We’re introducing three new products at SHOT Show 2019 in Las Vegas that will significantly expand our product footprint and customer entry point into our brand of innovative products. We are also actively collaborating with numerous law enforcement groups on specialized products tailored to their needs, so expect some important announcements there, as well.”

Now in its sixth year, StealthGearUSA continues to design and manufacture all of its branded products in the USA. For more information contact the company at [email protected]



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