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Customer Report – 6 Months in the Desert

We love hearing from our customers after they’ve put our gear through its paces. Here is what Joe M. from Arizona had to report after using his Ventcore® holster for six months in the desert:

“I was using another similarly styled leather/kydex holster for 5 years. The hardware would rust and have to be replaced, the leather wore out and began to smell because the leather was always too hot here in the Phoenician desert.

I’ve had this StealthGearUSA IWB standard sized holster for around 6 months now and I must say it was noticeably of superior quality the very first day. Not only is it more padded, more breathable, and overall more comfortable than my previous holster without being more bulky but there wasn’t a single loose thread or busted stitch to be found anywhere. It is also noticeably cooler, as advertised.

Even better than all of the aforementioned is the functionality. The cant is steeper than my old holster which helps reduce printing and the design is well thought out. The best thing of all is that this holster allows the gun to ride higher than my previous one which FINALLY allows me to get a full, complete purchase on the firearm when drawing. No matter how I setup the old one I could never quite get a full grip because the weapon was simply tucked too low. Not low enough to impede but just enough to be annoying. That’s a thing of the past now.

The hardware seems to have better rust preventative hardware as well. If this holster survives another 4 and a half years it will be superior in EVERY way. Not saying that it is even close to likely but if it only lasts half that I’d gladly pay full price for another and so on. Great product. Aside from firearms, ammo, and some optics, this is the best gun related purchase I’ve made in several years. Wish I’d have heard of them sooner.”

Thanks for writing in, Joe, and we’re glad our Ventcore holster is serving you well.


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